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and double pfffft.

25 September 1976
not everyone can be a girl like me. not only do you have to be able to eat large amounts of chocolate soup, you also have to be able to represent in a no-holds-barred barb-wire cage-of-death match, and win with an atomic elbow off the turnbuckle. oooohhh yah! you must be able to bake and knit, but also represent in the gaming shakedown. you must enjoy the beastmaster and jim jarmusch equally. you must love things, but not kill things. you must be rough and spiky in parts, and soft and squishy in other parts. you must be able to wink like this:

then you will be me.

you must also win through all the other internet competition to marry a person. named danox. yay!

look, here we are now!

acting like a faggot, actual bears, alice, amperstamps, animals, armageddon, asimov, bad taste, bad tv, baking, being antisocial, being right, being wasted, being wet, bitch-goddesses, black, blood, bruno ponce-jones, cabbits, cats, chaircat mao, charlie kaufman, cheese, chick tracts, cigarettes, coffee, comic books, comics, conversations, dan has stupid interests, dan is a jerk-head, dar, documentaries, donkey jaws, extinction, faux pas, feeling superior, films, fire, fish, fits, food, foolish humans, freaks, fun, fungineering, gangoolies, gay porn, getting dirty, good water pressure, gossip, holidays, horror, horseplay, hume, huxley, ignoreland, ignoring brother john, iron chef, kafka, kandinski, keeping secrets, laughing, laziness, learnding, learning, lipstick, living, looking, megrims, monkees, monkeys, music, my pen, my spine, nature, not cleaning the bathroom, oppressing the masses, overthinking, panda shoes, people, philosophy, photography, podo and kodo, popen mines, reading, rebelling, revolution, riding the walrus, rosie the riveter, rowdy roddy piper, sarcasm, senor is blenor, shatner, sitting around, sleeping, slim athletic girls, smart-assery, soup, spike jonze, stuffing my gullet, super nintendo chalmers, sushi, sweet zombie jesus, tappin dat ass, telling secrets, tenchi muyo, the beastmaster, the death of art, the rise of stupidity, things and stuff, thinking, tofutti breaks, trees, twisted comedy, uncouthery, unspeakable horrors, vanishing point, wasting money, wasting time, wow-wow johnny depp, writing, your momma, zealotry, zim, zombies